Endobetix is developing a minimally invasive, nonsurgical implant to for the treatment of type 2 diabetes (T2D) and obesity. The implant mimics the hormonal benefits offered by today’s bariatric surgery.

Implanted endoscopically, the Endobetix Bile Diversion Device (BDD)
“reroutes” bile and pancreatic secretions from the duodenum
(upper part of the small intestine) to the lower part of the small
intestine. This “diversion” changes the hormonal balance and induces
the release of key hormones such as GLP-1 to improve glucose
tolerance and reduce fat absorption.

The result: remission of diabetes and weight loss.

The Endobetix BDD Advantages

The BDD can be implanted by gastroenterologists and bariatric surgeons during an outpatient procedure. When compared to existing surgical solutions, this unique approach offers advantages to everyone along the value chain.

Device is currently in pre-clinical studies in large animals.

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